Jobbik is astonished to learn that the EU summit made a unanimous decision yesterday to establish a so-called energy union.
Every fifth Hungarian is a Jobbik supporter and the difference between the two big parties is only three per cent in the entire population
Jobbik relies on the opinions and supportive signatures of several hundred thousand people in the party's national referendum to allow men to retire after 40 years of service, to provide free Internet access, to ensure Hungary's neutrality in war and to reduce immigration.
Jobbik held its main commemoration ceremony of the 1848 revolution in March 15 Square of Budapest this year. The participants of the event were addressed by István Apáti, Dávid Janiczak, Gyula Popély and István Szávay as well as Marian Kowalski, the presidential candidate of the Polish National Movement.


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Our intentions and goals are genuine, our programme is clear. We want nothing but to be able live in proud, free and liveable Hungary where the society is characterised by integrity, faith, security, order and solidarity. While preserving our national traditions and passing on our cultural heritage to the next generations, we also wish to represent universal humane values that are common in all cultures and religions. This is what we work for. For a better future, in a better world. 


Frequently Refuted Lies

THE LIE: Statements like “gypsy crime” are indications of Jobbik's hate-filled rhetoric, and point to how it is a racist anti-Roma party.

THE FACTS: Firstly, no one in Hungary, with the possible exception of the politically ambitious and cosmopolitanly self-conscious news presenters, refers to Hungary’s Roma population by any other way, than with the word “Cigány.” Which translates into English as “Gypsy.” This includes of course the Gypsy population themselves. Second, have you noticed how all the news reports that refer to, and condemn, Jobbik’s supposed “rhetoric” never actually quote any of it, to let you judge it for yourself?


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The political course of the past 25 years must be radically changed. We need a calm, considerate, empathetic but firm political stance. Gábor Vona's State of the Nation address January 31, 2015