The quota is nothing but a letter of invitation, a Trojan horse
The only powerful enough message that Hungary could send to Brussels would be the result of a binding national referendum on migration.
István Szávay has no intention to close his representative office in Slovakia and will turn to international forums concerning the banning resolution passed in Slovakia today


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The world is undergoing a pivotal era where more and more people set out on a journey to seek the truth.

Our intentions and goals are genuine, our programme is clear. We want nothing but to be able live in proud, free and liveable Hungary where the society is characterised by integrity, faith, security, order and solidarity. While preserving our national traditions and passing on our cultural heritage to the next generations, we also wish to represent universal humane values that are common in all cultures and religions. This is what we work for. For a better future, in a better world. 


Frequently Refuted Lies

THE LIE: Jobbik are at best, far-Right extremists, and at worst, anti-Democratic Fascistic Nazi ultra-nationalists.

THE FACTS: You might as well, with the same level of plausibility, say that we are Neo-Pagans, Communists, funded by Mossad, controlled by Tehran, Third-Positionists, directed from Moscow, influenced by Al-Quaeda, or, really,  a money laundering operation  for  an international cartel of bank robbers. Yes. All of this patent nonsense has been reported, quite seriously, in the Hungarian press. The reason why you will not have read it from international media, is of course that this brand of nonsense would not fit, the aforementioned “scenario.”


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The political course of the past 25 years must be radically changed. We need a calm, considerate, empathetic but firm political stance. Gábor Vona's State of the Nation address January 31, 2015