Western and Hungarian mercenaries in ISIS units

It has been reported recently that the terrorist organisation called Islamic State has thousands of mercenaries from Western countries in its units fighting in the Middle East. In fact, it has been mentioned that dozens of men from Hungary have also joined the ranks of ISIS - said Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group in his press conference on Wednesday.

He added that, considering the gravity of the situation, the worrying news prompted Jobbik to turn to László Kövér, the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament and Zsolt Németh, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee to summon the foreign affairs and the national security committees of the Parliament. The politician pointed out that the activities of these people had been followed by the Counter Terrorism Centre and the national security services of Hungary, and the Parliament should be informed who they are, what is the purpose of their staying in the area and/or serving in the ranks of ISIS. Jobbik also wants to find out what national security risks are posed by the activities of these persons in the ranks of ISIS.

The patriotic party expects correct information from the national security services, and responses from László Kövér and Zsolt Németh as well.

Márton Gyöngyösi emphasized that Jobbik had been consistent in the policy related to the region, since the patriotic party was the only one to point out how dangerous the activities of the West was, when it destabilized the region's countries for its own geopolitical and strategic goals. This was clear in the case of the invasion of Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq, which led to an utter failure and created a gaping vacuum of power in the Middle East. Thus the terrorist organisation, which had been created with Western support and had already failed in Syria, was given a new chance.

The radical MP reminded the press that in August 2013, Jobbik had already held the Hungarian government accountable for identifying with the standpoint of the Western Euro-Atlantic power centre and supporting the terrorist organizations that had marched over to new territories as the Syrian crisis became less intense. The West is greatly responsible for the current situation, since it provided financial, military and political support for these terrorist organizations so that they could topple the Assad government in Syria. As they failed, they infiltrated into the neighbouring countries where they could capitalize on the gaping vacuum of power - said the politician.

Jobbik wants to know what people holding a Hungarian citizenship have joined the terrorist organization called Islamic State, which has allegedly committed a series of crimes against humanity, massacring lots of civilians. Unfortunately, Hungary also has a certain responsibility for this - concluded Márton Gyöngyösi.