Vona to Orbán: Can you still play fair?

In the Parliament’s latest session, Gábor Vona posed a question to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Jobbik’s president began with his bad news for Mr Orbán: he would have to answer yet another inconvenient question but added that he had good news for him, too: Mr Orbán would not have to endure much longer as he would not be Prime Minister after April 2018. Mr Vona asked the PM if he thought Fidesz played fair when using illegal means to hurl attacks at Jobbik. Anticipating the likely response, Mr Vona asked Mr Orbán not to include George Soros and Lajos Simicska in his answer: all he wanted to know if Mr Orbán was still able to play fair, would he regain his stature as a democrat or would he go down in history as a burnt-out despot.

Unable to step out of his role however, Mr Orbán responded that Mr Vona and his party were in a hopeless situation as they had sold their party to a billionaire. Reacting to the outrageous outdoor media affair and the State Audit Office scandal, where the government party was allegedly using illegal means to block Jobbik’s efforts, all Mr Orbán said was: Jobbik’s politicians were lame.

In his counter-response, Mr Vona pointed out that political leaders were not supposed to lose their dignity but that was exactly what happened to Mr Orbán: he was no longer interested in anything but his football stadium and his pet narrow-gauge railway project.


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