Vona: Terrorism has immigrated into Europe

Vona: Terrorism has immigrated into Europe

The enemy is not Islam but the terrorism that has immigrated into Europe. The continent is full.

In his press conference on Friday, Gábor Vona was talking about what the European Union and Hungary should do in connection with terrorism.
Jobbik's president pointed out that his party condemned Wednesday's terrorist act as a barbaric and despicable act that all political and civil organizations must confront. Gábor Vona believes that January 7 has brought a new era in Europe, since there will be a new situation in the life of the continent: terrorism no longer takes place in distant countries, it has "immigrated into Europe."
In the politician's view, this shocking and devastating tragedy has had several premonitory signs; it may have been foreseen as many security experts have often warned that terrorism will be exported. He believes what is taking place in Paris is not a single occurrence of an unlikely event but the beginning of a tendency.

"European leaders have done nothing so far but buried their heads in the sand and tried to maintain the illusion of security by false argumentation..." said the president of the radical patriotic party.
In Vona's view, Europe has to give new responses but the problems must be clearly identified first. It must be stated that what we need to confront is terrorism, not Islam or Islamic culture, otherwise even graver difficulties may yet occur.

Europe and Hungary are both full

Talking about immigration, he said that the sign "No Vacancy" should be put up at Europe's borders because the continent cannot accommodate any more immigrants.

- Hungary has to give answers, too. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's "empty and superficial" words in his radio interview on Friday offer no solution for the problem at all. Action is needed. What has happened in France may happen in the United Kingdom or Germany next week, and in Austria or even in Hungary next year. Referring to the famous poem "On the Changes in France" by 18th-century Hungarian artist János Batsányi about the history-shaping events of the French Revolution, he said: "We shall cast our watchful eyes on Paris!"

The leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group has also made some proposals: he believes that Hungary should call back its soldiers from the Asian theatres of war not to increase the threat of terrorist acts any more.

The party president suggested that a civil debate and legal discussion is needed about the restoration of capital punishment, which would be extended to cover terrorists as well as the culprits of criminal acts against minors and senior citizens. However, he admitted that the capital punishment might not hold back a suicide bomber, adding that this was an issue for a board of experts to decide. He pointed out that Hungary should apply the zero tolerance policy on immigration even though it does not pose as great a difficulty here as in Western Europe. On the other hand, he also remarked that the mayors of the cities at the southern border of Hungary could give horrible accounts of the refugee influx.
He warned the public about the potential danger of Western Europe diverting immigration to the East, so Hungary must express in due time that our country refuses to be Brussels' partner in such a scenario. While hundred thousands of young job seekers are leaving Hungary, we do not need masses of immigrants that are unable to fit in.

Finally, referring to the free trade agreement between the USA and the EU, Vona said that if that treaty is signed, the United States can simply devour a weakened Europe. Jobbik will do whatever it can to mobilize the Hungarian nation against such an agreement.