Vona: referendum needed

"Jobbik asks the Hungarian government to initiate the amendment of the Lisbon Treaty so that the EU could hold a referendum on the migrant quota system," said the president of the opposition party in his press conference held in the town of Gyöngyös on Friday.

Gábor Vona stated that Jobbik rejected any quota system, and the party considered it an absurd and bad decision. He added that they would support the government if it appealed the quota resolution in the Court of Justice of the European Union. "We must consider holding a referendum in Hungary to increase the government's leverage and improve its bargaining position," he added. 

The opposition leader also talked about the initiative to hold a referendum on retirement after forty years of employment, which had been rejected by the Constitutional Court of Hungary. He said that if Jobbik got into government in 2018, they would put this issue on the agenda again because it would have been a "just, feasible and correct" step for the Hungarian pension system.

Gábor Vona discussed the issue of restoring the border guard service as well. As he put it: "it is not normal and not right if we constantly use the police and the army to guard the Hungarian border." He said that if "the course of history and the situation require us to protect our borders", then Hungary and its state administration must be flexible enough to set up an armed organization to do just that; and that is the border guard service.

Referring to the recent events in the southern Csongrád, Baranya and Somogy Counties, he emphasized that fences and personnel are both needed to protect the borders.


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