Vona: CNG-operated vehicles mean a window of opportunity

Vona: CNG-operated vehicles mean a window of opportunity

A conference on the operation as well as the business and technological opportunities of CNG as vehicle fuel was held in Parádsasvár on last Friday. The event was attended by Jobbik President Gábor Vona, who also chairs the Hungarian-Russian Friendship Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union; as well as by Béla Kovács, the Chairman of the Russia-EU Energy Committee of the European Parliament. Beside Hungarian businessmen, the list of the participants included Dutch, Italian, German and Russian economic leaders, featuring the giant venture Gazprom as well as Russian MPs.

Gábor Vona told Alfahir that the conference was also discussing such issues as the Russian-Hungarian economic relations. Referring to CNG as vehicle fuel, he said that the area was developing dynamically in Europe, but this process is practically at a halt in Hungary, due to the wrong attitude of legislators and the licensing difficulties posed by the authorities. This is a grave error - added the president of the patriotic party.

He pointed out that CNG operation is considered as a window of opportunity in public transport as well, since it can offer significant advantages over gasoline and Diesel oil. Vona says that the technology could have a major role in the farming industry, since it is more environment-friendly while it would also ensure a cheaper and more efficient agricultural production.

The party president added that the costs driven by high fuel prices might amount to 80% of the prices of certain products, so CNG-operated vehicles and machines could reduce food prices, thus making them more competitive in the market. This technology offers environmental benefits as well: the CO and CO2 emission of CNG-operated engines may be 75% and 25% lower, respectively, compared to their gasoline or oil-operated counterparts.

The future development of the technology will allow for an increasingly efficient operation of these machines. As Gábor Vona revealed to us, the representative of an Italian manufacturer showed that there was no deterioration in quality in terms of passenger cars compared to conventional fuel; i.e. driving experience was not at all impacted by CNG-operation. On the other hand, the technology is absolutely competitive in terms of prices and environment protection - said the Italian manufacturer. The conference was also attended by Hungarian business leaders who shared their experience with the participants.

Gábor Vona told our portal that the Parádsasvár conference was very useful for Jobbik in developing its programme and the party is intent on promoting the Hungarian CNG business in the future.