Volner: MSZP and Fidesz have already agreed on passing the outdoor media bill

Jobbik believes that Fidesz and MSZP have already agreed on passing the outdoor media bill into law and some left-wing MPs will provide the necessary two thirds majority for the vote in Parliament on Friday. In his Tuesday press conference, Jobbik’s parliamentary faction leader János Volner revealed that he had witnessed the two parties making a deal on banning political outdoor media ads out of the election campaign season, which clearly shows that the Socialists are ready to cooperate with the government party even for such purposes as “cementing” Viktor Orbán into the Prime Minister’s seat.

In Mr Volner’s view, Fidesz “has a grip” on MSZP through criminal cases and economic deals, that is why the Socialists are willing to execute such a blatant pact. “Ever since Hungary’s democratization, there has been no opposition party to serve the government’s interest in such a way,” he emphasized, adding that MSZP was “beguiling” its own voters.

Explaining the significance of the bill being put back on the Parliament’s agenda with record speed after it was first returned by the President of the Republic without signing it, Jobbik’s MP suggested that the secret deal had already been made and MSZP was going to re-submit the amendments so favourable for Fidesz.

In response to a question from the media, Mr Volner said he had been informed that some Socialist and other left-wing MPs were going to vote across the aisle to ensure the two thirds majority for the bill.


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