U.S. President's speech unveiled "NGOs" serving American interests

In Jobbik's view, US President Barack Obama's statements made at the conference organized by Clinton Global Initiative openly admit that the US uses a worldwide network of agencies disguised as independent, non-governmental and charity organizations in order to constantly interfere with the internal affairs of other countries and to exercise pressure on their governments, thus violating the principle of national sovereignty. The enthusiastic Hungarian reactions to Obama's statements reveal which parties and organizations are the most dedicated representatives of American interests in our country. Jobbik had already pointed out what national security risks are posed by the American funding of non-governmental organizations related to Hungarian leftist-liberal political parties, that's why the radical party submitted a bill to the Parliament in October 2013 to register each organization that receives foreign funding exceeding one million HUF. As we remember, Fidesz collaborated with the leftist-liberal parties and swept our bill off the table without any proper explanation.

Jobbik has been consistent in pointing out that the US uses a network of NGOs as a means of secret diplomacy in order to realize its geopolitical goals, and this network is capable of undermining governments, destabilizing countries, causing crises or even triggering bloody civil wars. The Eurasian "colour revolutions" of the past decades from Georgia to Kyrgyzstan and even to neighbouring Ukraine have all been the manifestations of these American machinations. We all remember that Hungary has been explicitly threatened several times by such influential persons as Bilderberger EU Commissioner Viviane Reding or Charles Gati, who is related to the American Democratic Party. They have openly interfered with Hungary's internal affairs, going as far as to talking about toppling the Hungarian government. We must also mention the anti-Hungarian activities of such organizations openly funded by US money as the Soros Foundation, the Student Network, or Gordon Bajnai's Patriotism and Progress foundation that received one billion HUF as financial support. 

Jobbik says that the admission heard from the mouth of the US President and the threat to further increase the pressure reveal the significant loss of US influence, but they also mean a boundary not to be crossed, and all sovereign countries must protest against it at every forum available. Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government to finally take some effective steps to protect the sovereignty of the Hungarian nation.

Márton Gyöngyösi
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary