Ukraine fails to show sufficient gestures for its minorities

On December 1-2, Jobbik MP Tibor Bana participated in the meeting of COSAC (Conference of Community and European Affairs Committees of Parliaments of the European Union) as the vice chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament.

There was an opportunity for a brief speech in relation with the situation in Eastern Europe. In his speech, he advocated the interests and the autonomy of the native ethnic Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathian region, pointing out how unilateral the European Union's approach is to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Jobbik's MP expressed his view that the anti-Russia sanctions were not the appropriate measures in terms of solving the Ukrainian crisis. He believes that the European Union's approach is unilateral, and Ukraine should make more gestures for its own minorities.

As a representative of the Hungarian Parliament, he evaluated the situation from the aspect of the nearly 200 thousand Hungarian people living in Western Ukraine. As he pointed out, Hungary has a responsibility for this community, but the Ukrainian electoral system is in conflict with the interests of ethnic minorities in Ukraine. "This is a very bad message after signing the association agreement with the EU." he stated.

Tibor Bana expressed his opinion that the support for the Hungarian minority is not only a Hungarian issue but a European one as well. The European Union should support all native minorities, and he believes there are several options to do so, for example, a certain regional autonomy would be the best solution.