To create a safe, liveable, fair and free Hungary

Speaking at Jobbik’s 16th national conference, party president Gábor Vona outlined how he would get rid of Viktor Orbán’s system and what he would build instead. At the beginning of his programme speech, he asked the oft-quoted question whether he and his party were ready to lead the country after 2018. Confirming that they were, he expressed his firm belief that the party’s slogan “Together with you, we will replace them” would come true.

Mr Vona’s programme speech outlined the priorities and attitude of a future Jobbik government in terms of “serving the Hungarian people”. The party president explained that he had gained a lot of experience in the past few years and he had gone through a lot but he had always had a dream to focus on:

“To create a safe, liveable, fair and free Hungary.”

In his view, Orbán’s current Hungary is quite the opposite of that: it is a suffocating country where you can’t live and where the political parties of the 20th century divide social groups and play them against each other, thus imprinting such false concepts into people’s minds that the upcoming elections will be a decision between Viktor Orbán and George Soros.

Von says this system “is designed to induce tribal wars for life or death, where the goal is not to overcome but to annihilate the other tribe.” Explaining how 20th-century parties were manipulating people, he said Jobbik had left this whole concept behind when it declared that we had to build bridges over the trenches of division and represent all Hungarian people. “This is what we mean when we say that we are for the people,” Mr Vona added.

Harmony instead of a generational conflict

Jobbik’s president asserted that there was an artificially induced conflict of generations in Hungary. However, he believes that the young, 20-30-year-old generation’s momentum and wish for a renewal can and must be brought into harmony with the experience of the people over 40. “It is common sense that could connect these two,” the president pointed out, adding that it was the only thing that could build a bridge over obsessions and false conflicts.

Hungarian heart, common sense and clean hands

Mr Vona asserted that Jobbik was going to “govern the country with a Hungarian heart, common sense and clean hands”. He explained that his party had been founded by Hungarian hearts, it was using its common sense approach to the election victory and would govern Hungary with clean hands after 2018. Talking about the idea of a “safe, liveable, fair and free Hungary”, he noted:

Let each person prosper in their homeland

In the president’s view, it is important to protect the country from the migration threat but this idea is closely related to the wish that each nation should be able to prosper in their own homeland. On a personal note, he added that he wanted to see Hungarian people prosper at home, in their homeland, in the Carpathian Basin. Discussing the migration crisis, he said if Fidesz’ protection of Hungary was 7 on a scale of 10, Jobbik’s was going to be 10/10. In order to do that, the party will abolish the residency bonds for good, refuse to negotiate with suspected terrorists the way Fidesz does, and they will restore the independent border guard service.

Historic Wage Union Initiative

Calling it a historic project, Mr Vona also talked about the party’s initiative for a European wage union: He said it was the first case in our history for the European Commission to register the initiative of a Hungarian party. Expressing his disappointment over the majority of Hungary’s media keeping silent about it, he added that pro-government politicians and experts started lying about it without listening to Jobbik: “Have you read the initiative at all? Because you’re talking nonsense,” Mr Vona addressed these individuals, emphasizing Jobbik was quite aware that Hungarian wages were not going to rise to the German level overnight but it was not his party’s goal, anyway. What they want is the right of getting equal wages for equal work to be included among the fundamental rights laid out in the EU Treaties.

The president asserted that this could be the first step on the road to true EU integration, and added that his party could achieve an Eastern European regional cooperation for this purpose. Explaining the reason why he believed Fidesz didn’t even try to launch such an initiative, he said “Western big business and corrupt Hungarian politicians have a shady deal to split EU funds amongst themselves”. Mr Vona emphasized that  Hungary cannot become a more liveable country unless wages and incomes increase, and that’s exactly what the wage union aims for. He said true integration can only happen if we stop spending the EU funds on “decorating a ruined building” and decide to use them purposefully because the current system only generates business for western big capital without Hungary profiting from it.

Jobbik’s president claimed that Viktor Orbán had thrown away the idea of backing the wage union “like a sulky preschooler”, and sent the following message to the Prime Minister: “No problem, Jobbik launched the initiative from opposition in 2017 and we will succeed with it in government after 2018.” However, he also emphasized that “success cannot be taken for granted”; even if the initiative wins, it’s still the Member States’ job to improve their national economies.

The zeroth step

To achieve that goal, corruption must be eliminated, and this will be Jobbik’s “zeroth step” after winning the elections. Mr Vona pointed out that they were going to mercilessly hold accountable the corrupt system developed and operated by Mr Orbán.

On this subject, he mentioned Jobbik’s “Lex Lúdas Matyi” bill, which features such elements as abolishing the period of limitation and doubling punishment brackets in case of crimes committed by politicians.

Different pet projects of different Prime Ministers

The president asserted that skilled labour force cannot be ensured without a well-functioning education and healthcare system. He added that his pet projects as prime minister were going to be building the best hospitals and creating a highly efficient education system, unlike Mr Orbán who focuses on football and stadium construction. As he put it: we must educate the young generation to have a constant drive for self-development and “lifelong learning” as well as self-confidence arising from their being Hungarian. “Just imagine a society driven by such an attitude,” Mr Vona noted.

The Wage Union and a fair pension system

The president emphasized that the wage union would also promote a more liveable pension system since pension funds cannot remain functional without a sufficient number of contributors, while the number of contributors cannot be raised without higher wages.

Talking about the old-age pensions, he stated that the current system was unfair, so Jobbik intended to help senior citizens by the segment-specific solution of increasing the buying power of small and medium pensions without entering into an irresponsible bidding contest of election promises.

Stopping the brain drain is a key issue

Mr Vona identified keeping our youth home as a priority task. He said no matter what the government communicated, if young people flee from a country, it cannot possibly be successful. In his view, massive emigration means a lot of economic as well as personal tragedies, and he asked the rhetorical question: “Is there a more tragic loss than when a whole population is deprived of experiencing key life events? What does such a population have left?” – he referred to split families and lost personal relationships. Emphasizing that this problem could not be solved overnight either, he added that the current government’s indifferent and cynical approach was intolerable, too. Mr Vona made a pledge that if Jobbik got into government in 2018, they would introduce radical measures to help young people starting their lives on their own, for example by providing subsidies for their accommodation.

2018 – While Fidesz dreads it, Jobbik is ready for it

Pointing out that they have always had their political agenda, the president said they would have the power to implement it in 2018. Mr Vona asserted that “Fidesz just laughs at the leftist parties and shrugs them off but Orbán is afraid of me. However, I am not afraid of him.” He added that Jobbik did not need to ally with failed parties that had lost all their credibility. Instead, they need to ally with the Hungarian nation that demands a change in government. In his view, disgruntled citizens consider Jobbik as a force able to replace the government and they have already demonstrated their conviction in the by-elections. He said Fidesz leaders dreaded the election day in 2018 because they know it would be more than a simple change of government for them: they will be held accountable for their actions and they will go to prison if that is where they belong. However, Mr Vona also emphasized that Fidesz voters or supporters would by no means be persecuted since, along with the supporters of the political left, they are the people of Hungary whom Jobbik wants to serve and represent.

“We want to prove our worth to the voters of the other parties because they also deserve a safe, liveable, fair and free Hungary,” the opposition leader explained, adding that proper government requires both power and love. Neither of them can be missing since it would either mean that the government, like the present one, does not understand the people, or it is too weak for the challenges. He assured everyone that Jobbik had both of these vital components to protect and rebuild Hungary as well as to unite the divided communities of Hungarian people, thus realizing Mr Vona’s and Jobbik’s dreams.


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