Threat on Jobbik is now national security issue

In a closed session of the National Security Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly, the Information Office and the Military National Security Service briefed the MPs about the threat on Jobbik. After the meeting, Socialist committee chairman Zsolt Molnár said that these threats must be taken seriously for several reasons, based on the reports of the services.

As we wrote earlier, the National Security Committee of the National Assembly indicated that they would consult the Military National Security Service in the committee's extraordinary session regarding Ukrainian paramilitary organizations declaring a threat on Jobbik and Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM).

Socialist committee chairman Zsolt Molnár underlined that the extreme Chauvinist Ukrainian paramilitary organization called Karpatska Sitsh (KS) sent a written message to threaten Jobbik and HVIM with liquidation and execution. KS holds the view that the Hungarian organizations undermine the authority of the Ukrainian state by way of their activists operating in Ukrainian territory.


The press release was posted on the paramilitary organization's social media sites and re-posted by news portals operating in the Lower Carpathians. It claims there have been several provocations aiming to prompt clashes between the local Ukrainian and the Hungarian communities, and the conflict might escalate to the Western regions of Ukraine.

"Agent provocateurs have sprayed paint over the Hungarian inscriptions on the street signs of Hungarian villages in the Lower Carpathians. This is an obvious provocation by Russia, which has long been ready to strike at our home front, our Lower Carpathians" says the press release, which also claims that the regional information war, which has long been going on, is now turning into hard action.

In response to the threats, a joint press release was issued by Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group and Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly, and Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki, member of the National Security Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly, who is also the party's spokesman.
As they warned, this real threat is not only against the patriotic party as anyone can be subjected to baseless accusations any time. Although HVIM and Jobbik took a firm stance to support Hungarian-Ruthenian autonomy efforts in the Lower Carpathians and criticized the anti-minority policies and measures of Kiev's Chauvinistic puppet government, they have never done anything illegal.
Jobbik took immediate steps to convene the joint session of the Foreign Affairs and the National Security Committees in order to investigate what measures the Hungarian government and the relevant Hungarian authorities and diplomats are planning to take in defence of the Hungarian citizens living in the Lower Carpathians. However, the party's representative also pointed out that their priority is to guarantee the security of the Hungarian community and to ensure their prosperity in their homeland.

These organizations must be taken seriously

Now their request seems to be granted and the seriousness of the threat is clearly shown by the fact that it was Socialist Zsolt Molnár who warned the public about it, a politician who would probably never be on the same page with the patriotic opposition in any other matter.


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