Thoughts on the aftermath of the terrorist attacks: Cast your watchful eye on Paris!

I know that these moments are still for mourning and shock but I am afraid that we won't have too much time for grief because events will accelerate and time is a question of life and death now. Quite literally, indeed. Europe and Hungary must be able to respond, and respond well too, because if we don't, then we will face even bigger and more horrible tragedies to come. I have collected some of my thoughts below so that I could provoke the necessary and constructive public debate:

1. There certainly is a connection between terrorism and migration. Immigration clearly increases the threat of terrorism. Immigrants are not terrorists, but there is a visible process that, having arrived in Europe, they realize that life is not just a piece of cake here either, which turns them into frustrated communities where terrorist cells can easily find their supply of human resources. Even after multiple generations... Europe's migration policy and the concept of a multicultural EU failed long ago, and after what happened yesterday, nobody can deny this failure any more.

2. The fault of political parties promoting, supporting migration and downplaying the dangers lying therein, especially the left, but also some figures on the right, cannot be denied as a factor leading to what is going on in Europe. The political forces that have been and continue imposing immigration on Europe are indirectly responsible for the Paris tragedy. The time for migrant-friendly policies is over in Europe and Hungary alike. If it has any common sense and an instinct to survive, our society will have to turn away from these parties and politicians.

3. The terrorist threat is not over yet, in fact it has just begun. Even though France promised a merciless retaliation, this kind of exposure will be hard to reduce. After ISIS is eliminated, masses of jihadists may return to Europe or fanaticize their local networks and communities here. Fortunately, Hungary is not a top target but we must state, without any panic-mongering, that our country must be prepared against terrorism as well.

4. Western Europe has come into a nearly insolvable situation since it put all of its eggs in the basket of multiculturalism so we cannot see if it has a way back at all. While we do worry about Western Europe and root for them not to collapse under this dilemma, we Eastern Central European nations will have to find our own way. We must establish closer cooperation in terms of the economy, politics and all other aspects, too. We must prepare for potentially standing on our own feet and walking our own path if the crisis of Western countries persists. In order to do so however, it is vital for the region's states to preserve their socio-cultural fabric and resist the migration influx with all their might - even against Brussels if need be.

5. Hungary cannot take in migrants – neither by way of a quota system nor a Dublin III based deportation. Neither two thousand of them, nor more. We must make our point very clear to Brussels: Hungary does not envision its future in the form of a multicultural country. Instead of collecting signatures, we must amend the Constitution very soon so that we could hold a binding referendum about the matter, which will in turn enable us to communicate our nation's standpoint clearly, at home and abroad alike.