The primary goal: neutrality, independence and security for Hungary

In Jobbik's view, NATO has drifted apart from its original defence role and has been acting as an increasingly offensive alliance.

In his press conference held in the National Assembly, Jobbik MP Gábor Staudt stated that Hungary must stay out of any operation that exposes our people to a terrorist threat and/or does not serve the interest of our security. "The primary goal is neutrality, independence and security for Hungary" Gábor Staudt pointed out. The party agrees that Hungarian soldiers do need real training and certain missions may provide the appropriate ground for this purpose. On the other hand, he doubted that the Afghanistan mission and the commitment of 500 thousand dollars would truly strengthen Hungary's position and contribute to the training of Hungarian soldiers, or "whether it had any purpose at all other than we want to be the good guys in NATO." Staudt believes that the same applies to the protection of the Baltic states. He remarked that Hungary often takes on such roles in NATO that we are not required to perform, yet we make commitments in spite of the significant costs. These monies could be put to a much better use in the development of the Hungarian Defence Forces. Staudt says the issue must be addressed as our forces would not be able to "defend" Hungary for an extended period unless we improve the current conditions.

The MP also mentioned Jobbik's scepticism concerning NATO's role in our defence. The party says that if Hungary is attacked, Article 5 could not be relied on the way as the government and the Ministry of Defence thinks.

"The future lies in Hungary's capability to defend itself." stated Staudt. Talking about other countries protecting Hungary's borders in case of an attack, he called such scenario an illusion.
In response to questions from the media, he pointed out that we must find our future role within NATO in such a way that enables us to best establish Hungary's defence capabilities. He also mentioned a potential scenario in which our NATO membership would pose more of a risk than a real defence capability. With regard to such cases, we must not exclude the option of leaving NATO.

Gábor Staudt confirmed that Jobbik does not support the Kurdistan mission against the Islamic State, but he was informed that "government party Fidesz is going to withdraw the idea, too.” The MP admitted that the Middle East situation is a pressing issue but a Hungarian intervention against the Islamic State was beyond our capabilities. "The United States has had a major role in destabilizing this region, so it must assume the same role in the solution of the problem, too." Staudt said. Stressing his party's standpoint, he expressed that Jobbik's top priority lies in the security of Hungarian people whereas a potential intervention against the Islamic State would directly expose the same Hungarian people to a threat of terrorist attacks.