The government should protect Hungarian schools in the Lower Carpathian region

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary finds it intolerable that Ukraine's 2015-25 education guideline assigns primary schools with less than 100 children and secondary schools with less than 200 students to be closed.   As a result of this concept, several Transcarpathian towns and villages would lose the Hungarian schools which have been the pillars of Hungarian survival in the region, including such settlements as Harangláb, Hetyen, Pap, Borzsova and Csetfalva.

Jobbik cannot comprehend why the Ukrainian government is introducing yet another regulation to restrict the living conditions of national communities, including the native Hungarians, at a time when there are such problems to address as a bloody civil war raging on for over a year, the economy is suffering from a recession and the population struggles for survival. We also find it unacceptable that Primary School No. 3 of Munkács may not be able to enrol its Hungarian first grade class this fall as the municipal council of the city has not given them an authorization yet.

We call upon the Hungarian government to use all possible forums in fighting the intensifying chauvinistic tendencies of the Ukrainian state and to apply all means to protect Hungarian-language education and schools in the Lower Carpathians.

SZÁVAY István, Vice-President, Jobbik