Terror threat just keeps growing

Addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE PA), Jobbik MP Tibor Bana talked about the increased terror threat caused by immigration.

As Jobbik's delegate to the OSCE PA, the MP participates in the current session of the organization held in Ulanbator, the capital of Mongolia. In his two-minute English speech on the threats of terrorism, he pointed out that the massive migration wave caused an increased terror threat, and emphasized the role of the Islamic State in this threat to Europe, including Hungary.

"The astoundingly high number of uncontrolled immigrants may entail the arrival of several potential terrorists in our continent, which we must prevent by any means," Tibor Bana said. Here is his entire speech:

Madam Chair, thank you for the opportunity to speak today. Respected Colleagues,

While the international political sphere has been increasingly focusing on the issue of confining terrorism ever since September 11, 2001, and Europe has also been actively involved in that process in the past decades, now when terrorism is indeed threatening Europe, our continent unfortunately seems to be doing nothing about it. The current migration wave, which should rather be called a modern version of the Great Migration, may push Europe and thus the entire world into a deep crisis, as there are thousands of migrants arriving in our country from the Middle East and Northern Africa, including regions where terrorism has pervaded the society: for example, the Iraqi and Syrian territories occupied by the Islamic State.

However, most of the immigrants are not refugees and this should be clarified once and for all. Real refugees would have no reason to continue their journey all the way to the middle of Europe since they travel across several safe and peaceful countries where they would be provided refugee camps and care just the same. Most of them are economic immigrants, which means they are not entitled to refugee status, but that is not the greatest concern. Significant photographic evidence has been published clearly proving that many extremists, who used to fight for the Islamic State or the Syrian rebels, have been hiding among the self-declared refugees.

The Islamic State itself has also issued several threats against our old continent, envisioning terrorist acts in European territory. Let me ask the respected representatives, what is this if not the greatest terrorist threat for Europe ever? Thousands of immigrants flow in through our unprotected borders without any control. Several of them are potential terrorists in hiding, and we have no idea what weapons or devices they may have. One thing is clear: their communication network functions perfectly! I believe it is high time for Europe and the rest of the world to join their forces in this issue if we don't want to be the last failed leaders of a fallen civilization. Thank you very much for your attention.