Russia to buy agricultural products from Hungary

Béla Kovács, Jobbik's representative in the European Parliament was the first EP member ever to visit Kamchatka. The meeting of the Russia-EU inter-parliamentary working group on energy was held two weeks ago, and it was co-chaired by Jobbik's MP, representing the EP in the discussions. The Russian co-chairman, Ivan Grachov, the president of the Duma's Energy Committee pointed out that the unified energy region does not end at the Ural Mountains, but it includes Far East areas well. The development of the latter enjoys a priority presently as well as in the near future.

The Russian party appreciated Béla Kovács' efforts in establishing the working group and in enhancing the scope of its activities. Kamchatka's governor met the Hungarian representative personally to express the acknowledgement of his work. The discussions revealed that, in addition to the cooperation in energy issues, Russia sees significant opportunities in purchasing agricultural technologies and products from Hungary as well.

The Russia-EU inter-parliamentary working group on energy held its third meeting in Moscow on 11th October. The event was hosted by the Gosduma, the Russian Parliament. The delegation of the European Parliament was led by Béla Kovács, Jobbik's EP representative. Topics discussed included the promotion of energy security in legislations as well as its future prospects and roll-out to the Eurasian region.

Source: Bar!kád