Reaction to Viktor Orbán’s Tusványos speech: Hungary is controlled by obsessions rather than common sense

Instead of striving for decent wages and pensions, modern healthcare and education, Viktor Orbán has once again proven there is only one thing he can give the people: a supposed enemy.

The people of Hungary have had enough of this permanent war, the arrogance and corruption of the power. What Hungary needs is a peace of mind, for which we need a strong border guard service, Western European wages, quality healthcare and modern education but, first and foremost, an honest government that works for the people instead of the Socialist viceroys and Fidesz’ oligarchs.

However, Viktor Orbán is still unable to focus on the real problems of the people, he keeps fighting his own demons instead. What he cares for is not Hungary’s progress but his own power, so his fall is necessary for our country to take the path of common sense instead of Orbán’s obsessions.

To make it happen, Jobbik’s government will eliminate the systemic corruption in 2018 so that the money could be allocated to wages, pensions, healthcare and education. Instead of an increasing international isolation, the implementation of the Jobbik-proposed European wage union will help Hungary to become the flagship of a new Europe with more fairness and solidarity, where all citizens can prosper in their own homeland. Successful countries are not the ones left behind by their citizens but the ones they return to.


Gábor Vona, President, Jobbik