Reaction to the decisions of the EU summit

In response to the decision made in the EU summit, Jobbik points out that the party fully backs solving the migration crisis outside EU territory, including an agreement to be made with Turkey. However, we don't think its an evil idea to try managing the migration problem in the crisis zones, i.e. in the source countries (Syria, Libya). Let us emphasize again that Jobbik does not accept any immigration quota, neither in the short nor in the long run. If the bureaucrats of Brussels still want to force it on Hungary, Jobbik intends to tell them by way of a referendum that we don't want their dictate issued from the ivory tower.

In our view, the protection of the EU border must be ensured at the Turkey-Greece border, by increasing Frontex's efficiency, for example, so that the authorities of the current target and transit countries (the latter, including Hungary, may easily become target countries) would not be under so much pressure. In the meantime, Hungary's borders must be secured by an independent border guard service. The thousands of migrants arriving in Hungary each day are a clear evidence that Viktor Orbán's government is unable to manage the migrant tsunami.

Viktor Orbán's success propaganda, which keeps trumpeting the so-called achievements is incomprehensible since Fidesz conducts a double talk in this matter. While the government seemingly rejects the quota system at a communicational level, Zsolt Németh, the strong man of Hungarian diplomacy and the most likely candidate to replace the current Foreign Minister talks about the EU's quota dictate as a mandatory measure that cannot be appealed. We call upon the Hungarian government to finally reveal which face of theirs is the real one. Is the real Fidesz party represented by the belligerent rhetoric of Viktor Orbán or the unconditional compliance of Zsolt Németh?

Dániel Z. Kárpát, vice president of Jobbik