Pro-CETA elites continue defying people's will

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary regrets to hear the news that the Parliament of Wallonia, which had held its ground in opposing CETA, finally accepted the free trade agreement between Canada and the EU. We find it threatening that the elites driving the agreement can "sway" virtually anyone just to get their plan through, completely disregarding the opinions and interests of millions of European citizens.

As it is known, CETA would establish a common economic sphere between the European Union and Canada, which already has very close economic cooperation with the United States. The agreement would enable companies to sell products failing to meet European standards, including genetically modified food, while large corporations could enforce their profit-maximizing interests through arbitration courts. Many believe that the agreement, which curbs national sovereignty, is a forerunner of TTIP.

Considering that CETA needs to be ratified by the governments of each EU member state, we hope there will be governments who are ready to give priority to national interests and halt the process. We also call upon the Hungarian government, which has backed CETA in spite of its many risks, to abandon its erroneous course and stop supporting CETA. We've had enough of the rhetorical war for economic independence; it's time they actually did something about it!


Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik MP