Orthodox Rabbis stand for Jobbik in London

Orthodox Rabbis stand
for Jobbik in London

As  reported, Gábor Vona hosted a public forum for Hungarians living in London, on 26th January 2014. He presented Jobbik's political agenda before the upcoming Hungarian national elections on 6th April this year. While the British media was envisioning a "Neonazi gathering", spreading the lie that the real purpose of Gábor Vona's visit was to hold a trilateral summit with the Greek Golden Dawn party and the British National Party, the event became a huge embarrassment for the leftist liberal propaganda machine, and they haven't been able to get over it ever since.  Before the event, Gábor Vona met the leaders of Neturei Karta, an Orthodox Jewish religious group, who assured Jobbik's president of their support.

Even though Jobbik has made it clear several times that criticizing the worrying actions of the State of Israel and some international Jewish groups must not be considered as anti-Semitism, the party's opponents and the international media have often accused the Hungarian radical patriotic party of anti-Semitism. Jobbik has been in contact with  the 75-year-old Neturei Karta movement for several years. This Orthodox Jewish organization does not recognize the State of Israel and heavily criticizes the Zionist movement, which is responsible for decades of bloodshed.

At Sunday's meeting, the parties expressed their mutual respect for each other's activities and assured each other of their solidarity. After the meeting, Neturei Karta leaders protested against Zionist aggression with a banner, but BBC and several other international media reports presented them as if they had been protesting against Gábor Vona. The Jewish organization immediately lodged a complaint and requested a correction of the false report. You can read it on Neturei Karta's official site at the link below.

Jobbik continues to consider our own national interest as our top priority in diplomatic relations and wishes to cooperate and conduct dialogue with any countries, organizations and groups respecting it, without any prejudice or discrimination against them.

You can read Neturei Karta's complaint to BBC here: