Orbán must stop threatening the opposition!

While Jobbik paid a dignified tribute to the heroes of 1956 this year again, Viktor Orbán, shamelessly enough, used the day of 23rd October to adopt Communist dictator Rákosi’s slogan “those who are not with us are against us”. In Orbán’s interpretation, it goes like this: “We don’t only remember, we don’t forget, either. Neither will we forget those who opposed us.”

This is how Hungary’s Prime Minister, on the memorial day of the 1956 revolution, threatened those who did not support Fidesz. After such rabble-rousing words, does it come as a surprise that emotions once again ran out of control at the governing party’s event, Hungarians were set upon each other and violence once again destroyed the dignity of the commemoration?

Jobbik calls upon Viktor Orbán to stop threatening the opposition! What Hungary needs is not war trenches but bridges, and a Prime Minister who serves the people instead of issuing threats. Jobbik believes in uniting Hungary’s constructive forces, we believe that we are able to reject Orbán’s hatemongering on the 150th anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 so that we could finally start building a free, liveable, fair and safe Hungary in 2018.


Péter Jakab, Jobbik's spokesman