Jobbik in the World The provocation against Russia is not in the interests of Hungary and Europe
Jobbik condemns the latest provocation committed in the Ukrainian conflict by NATO, the cover organization working for the promotion of US geopolitical interests.
Hungarian Across Borders Jobbik: Hungarian government fails to speak out for the Hungarian minority in Ukraine
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary finds it outrageous that Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Tibor Navracsics considers the protection of the Hungarian community of the Lower Carpathi
Jobbik in the World ISIS can no longer be handled in a peaceful way
Jobbik's Spokesman and head of the Cabinet of Church Affairs, Ádám Mirkóczki held a press conference in front of the Iraqi Embassy in Budapest on Friday.
Hungarian Across Borders Ukrainian crisis - demonstration against military drafting in the Lower Carpathians
"This is not a Hungarian war, and neither is it the war of any other nation in the Lower Carpathians", so we must speak out for the Hungarian, Ruthenian and Ukrainian families alike – he sta
Hungarian Across Borders Vona: Szeklers will have their autonomy sooner or later
Gábor Vona says no matter what the Romanian state does, Szeklerland will sooner or later have its autonomy.
Hungarian Across Borders "This war is not a Hungarian war"
Lots of rumours and misinformation are being spread about the Ukrainian situation, which clearly shows that people are afraid and there is a near-panic among Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians - poin