Jobbik in EU European Parliament hosts international conference on Wage Union
Meeting in a conference, economists, professors, experts, MEPs and trade union leaders discussed such issues as the income gap in the EU
Jobbik in EU Income from offshore tax could pay for equal wages across the EU
If the wage gap between western and eastern EU member states remains, Europe may eventually split up.
Jobbik in Hungary European pillar of social rights would be complete with the Wage Union, union leader says
Jobbik’s initiative for a wage union is “very much in line” with the adopted concept that “people should not do humiliating work for humiliating wages”.
Jobbik in Hungary Vona: “The debtors are not at fault”
Jobbik’s proposal offers a solution to the foreign currency loan crisis which, according to the party’s president, is still a major problem in Hungary.
Jobbik in Hungary Vona open to compromise with 21st-century parties
If the historical situation or the outcome of the national elections so requires, Jobbik will be willing to make a compromise LMP and Momentum
Jobbik in EU We want a strong Europe with more solidarity!
Jobbik fully supports the European Pillar of Social Rights
Jobbik in Hungary Even arrogance should have its limits
After letting rich migrants in, Orbán now has been allowing poor ones to come as well
Jobbik in Hungary Vona scrutinized by Jewish intellectuals in Budapest
Visiting Spinoza Theatre patronized by Budapest’s Jewish intellectuals, Gábor Vona participated in a discussion organized as part of the theatre’s political debate series.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik launches new outdoor media campaign
Jobbik’s spokesman Péter Jakab presented the party’s new outdoor poster in his Thursday press conference.
Jobbik in EU "Elections are coming and the Wage Union can bring a fundamental change"
Romanian committee member of the Wage Union Dragoş Tîrnoveanu talked to Alfahí