Jobbik in Hungary "Should we let a corrupt scoundrel lead Hungary?
What was just a strong suspicion before is now a fact: Hungary’s Prime Minister is involved, together with his family, in a series of corruption and fraud cases causing damage to Hungary
Jobbik in Hungary Public prosecutor calls State Audit Office's bluff: Jobbik committed no unlawful act
Jobbik demands apology and new audit
Jobbik in Hungary Commissioned positive hospital news won’t save Hungary’s healthcare from the failure of the Orbán government
The latest act of Fidesz’ infamous propaganda machine is to order hospital directors to publish two pieces of good news each week.
Jobbik in Hungary State of the Nation address of Gábor Vona
Speech of the President of Jobbik
Jobbik in Hungary Parliament’s Speaker admits election fraud
Based on the earlier district distribution Fidesz would not have had a two-thirds majority in 2014, that’s why they gerrymandered the electorates and cancelled the two-round election system.
Jobbik in Hungary Opposition MPs banned from donating for charity
Ádám Mirkóczki wanted to donate to an institution for handicapped children but the institution’s regional operator, which reports to the Ministry of Human Capacities, simply banned him from doing so.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik's mission is to find "the better self in everybody"
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary held its traditional season-opening event on Saturday.
Jobbik in Hungary PM escapes, Minister Pintér and Undersecretary Altusz to face questions on Orbán's migrants
MP Ádám Mirkóczki talked to Hungarian news site Alfahí
Jobbik in Hungary Volner: Orbán runs abroad to escape from embarrassing questions
Jobbik’s Parliamentary faction leader believes the governing parties attempt to sabotage the work of the National Assembly.
In the CoE Gyöngyösi: Social inequalities pose a threat to Europe
“You can say that these inequalities are among the greatest threats to our stability”