Neutral Finland makes dialogue impossible

In Jobbik's view, Finland, a state otherwise showing an exemplary neutrality for a Western country, has committed a grave mistake by refusing to allow several important members, including the Speaker of the Russian Parliament, to travel to the Parliamentary Assembly session of the international organization.

This practice is in utter contradiction with the declared mission of the organization, which was established under the name CSCE right there in Helsinki in 1975, in order to facilitate an East-West dialogue during the cold war years. OSCE, which lists crisis management as a top priority, is in fact intensifying the Ukraine crisis by preventing a real political dialogue otherwise promoted by international organizations, thus questioning its own legitimacy.

Jobbik is convinced that the Ukraine crisis, which is driven by underlying geopolitical-geostrategic interests, can only be ended by way of negotiations, which requires allowing the representatives of each affected country to voice their opinions at various international forums.

Tibor Bana, Jobbik's delegate to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly