Military drafting rates double in Lower Carpathians compared to Ukrainian average

Military drafting rates are more than twice higher in the Lower Carpathians than the national average - a Ukrainian news portal's analysis reveals. The phenomenon was noted by Jobbik MP István Szávay. Of course, Jobbik is the only one to protest again.

Ever since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Kiev has repeatedly stated that each ethnic minority of the country will share the burden of military drafting proportionately, in other words, men of ethnic minority origins will not be drafted in higher rates than their proportion in the general population. The Hungarian government believed this statement and Budapest has been repeating this answer to any worried inquiry. However, Ukrainian portal Karpatskiy Objektiv published drafting statistics clearly showing that Hungarians of the Lower Carpathians had become cannon fodder, indeed.

The portal examines the drafting data of each Ukrainian county (where such statistical figures are available). The report shows that the Lower Carpathian county with a total population of 1.2 million has yielded 2500 young men to the army, which represents 0.24% of the population while the national average is 0.11%. Proportionately speaking, over twice as many men are drafted to the army from the region with a Hungarian community than from anywhere else. The only other region with similarly high rates is Volin county of West Ukraine, where there is a significant Polish community.

Silent assistance

The astounding figures have only been noted by Jobbik so far. The phenomenon was pointed out by Jobbik's vice-president István Szávay in his press release on Friday. The politician finds it outrageous that Hungarian Foreign Affairs Minister Péter Szijjártó did nothing but kept expressing his hope that the drafting rate of Hungarians would not be disproportionate. "It has clearly proven nothing but an illusion." Szávay stated.

The Hungarian Cultural Association of the Lower Carpathians (the president of which, László Brenzovics got into the Ukrainian Parliament on President Poroshenko's list) claims that he did not vote for the draft. However, it is not quite true.

István Szávay's press release states that the president of the Association did not participate in the vote even though he was present in the meeting according to the website of the Ukrainian Parliament. The politician says "László Brenzovics did not have the courage to press the "NO" button in defence of the Hungarian community", while the Association "misleads the local Hungarian population. You cannot represent the interests of the Hungarian community as a member of Petro Poroshenko's Parliamentary faction, you cannot concurrently represent the Ukrainian power that oppresses Hungarians and the local Hungarian community as well." says Jobbik's vice-president.

Indeed, there may be something wrong with the Association's statement, as Karolina Darcsi, the organization's secretary in charge of communication has deleted her Facebook post saying "our representative did not vote for military drafting."
Jobbik's MP points out that even though his party was accused of scandal mongering, "it is now clearer and clearer each day that the scenario we predicted is being realized." He calls upon the Association and the Hungarian government "to stop assisting silently to dragging Hungarian youth to the war front." While Péter Szijjártó and László Brenzovics would be satisfied with proportionate drafting, Jobbik demands the government not to sacrifice any Hungarians at the altar of foreign military interests. "This war is not a Hungarian war!" concludes the press release.