Meanwhile in Transcarpathia, the border slowly closes for Hungarians

On Sunday, Jobbik called upon Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér to take immediate measures and eliminate the intolerably long waiting time that has been experienced at the Hungary-Ukraine border for quite a while. In his Budapest press conference, MP István Szávay, the vice president of the opposition party said that the workload for the authorities were very heavy due to the migration crisis.

As he put it, crossers of the Hungary-Ukraine border have been experiencing 4-5 hours of waiting time each direction for over a month, which is intolerable for commuters or local citizens alike. Szávay says hundreds and thousands of Transcarpathian Hungarian families need to commute to Hungary for work, school or pharmacies. The citizens of Hungary's Szabolcs County would also love to visit their relatives in Transcarpathia. This may be the reason why customs officers, under so much pressure, are more tense than usual. One incident, for example, one captured cigarette smuggler might halt the line of border crossers for a long time.

In Szávay's view, the government constantly talks about improving cross-border Hungarian relations but hardly does anything to solve the problems. Jobbik's politician primarily blamed the elimination of the independent border guard service for the difficulties. As he put it, the relevant members of the government should try what happens if they cross the border as a simple citizen without their special traffic pre-emption signals. István Szávay pointed out that the Hungarian government should definitely allocate more funds for guarding the Hungary-Ukraine border and increase the number of officers in service there because the current staff is highly overloaded. Jobbik's politician says the other reason to restore the independent border guard service is because the situation at the southern border must be solved, too.


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