Jobbik welcomes the suspension of Béla Kovács' immunity

The opinion of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is that the Legal Committee of the European Parliament should have already proposed to suspend Béla Kovács' immunity a long time ago. Béla Kovács has communicated to the committee as well as the general public multiple times that he does not wish to use his immunity and he requests the suspension himself. This is a fundamental practice in Jobbik anyway. We would eliminate legal immunity for MPs and we have never hid behind this institution, contrary to other political parties. In lack of reliable data, Jobbik has demanded total publicity and transparency in each stage of the procedure, including the meeting of the National Security Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. However, the Fidesz majority has always blocked these efforts. We have not seen the alleged evidence, only some accusations that have been leaked to the press and modified multiple times, too.

Finally, the committee made a decision after one and a half years, and we hope the European Parliament would need a shorter time now so that the truth could be revealed as soon as possible and Béla Kovács can finally clear himself before the independent Hungarian court.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary