Jobbik: We must be prepared for a negative scenario in Ukraine

Jobbik: We must be
prepared for a negative
scenario in Ukraine

Jobbik believes that the Hungarian government eyes Brussels interests instead of the viewpoint of the Hungarians living in the Lower Carpathians in Ukraine. The party says we must be prepared for any potential outcome of the Ukrainian crisis, so they motioned to convene the committees of foreign affairs and national unity as well as to send a five-party delegation to the Lower Carpathians. The priority lies with the protection of the Hungarian community in Ukraine.

sdf Jobbik firmly believes that the lack of a Hungarian foreign policy truly representing our sovereign national interest ever since 1944 is a major tragedy of the nation. The past 75 years have seen nothing but imperially subdued diplomacy; the Soviet Empire determined the orientation of Hungarian foreign policy for the first 50 years, then the past 25 years brought on Euro-Atlantism as the sole defining factor for Hungarian diplomacy - said Márton Gyöngyösi at his joint press conference with István Szávay.

Gyöngyösi says the latter was especially painful, since the conditions for freedom were given. Regardless of the ideological stance of the successive Hungarian governments, the subservient attitude to the Euro-Atlantic goals remained unchanged. Jobbik's foreign affairs expert reminded that each Hungarian government from the first one elected in 1990 to the current Orbán administration has always identified Euro-Atlantic integration as the primary goal, expecting this integration to single-handedly promote the cause of the ethnic Hungarian communities living in the neighbouring countries.

Gyöngyösi pointed out that while integration remained the sole objective of Hungarian diplomacy, the region underwent major reorganizations in the past 25 years.  These 25 years have been two and a half decades of missed opportunities - he added. When the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia fell apart, and now, when more turbulence is occurring in Ukraine on our east, Hungarian diplomacy have always failed to set the goal of promoting the cause of ethnic Hungarians living beyond our borders - the politician said.

Even the government's communication fails to stand for the Hungarians in Ukraine

With regard to the Ukrainian crisis, János Martonyi has issued a communiqué in which he explained what the Ukrainian interest was and analysed how Ukrainian people viewed the European Union and European integration, but he failed to even mention the 150 thousand Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians, which clearly shows nationally-minded Hungarian diplomacy does not even exist on paper. - he said.

Jobbik believes that the lack of such diplomacy is painful, and will take such measures that primarily serve the interests of the Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians. Jobbik demanded firm measures to that effect in the Parliament today.

f Taking the floor, István Szávay said that the Hungarian government was clearly failing to consider the representation of the Hungarian minorities torn apart from the nation as a priority. When the planned EU-Ukraine association agreement was about to be signed, we saw Viktor Orbán declaring in Parliament that the Hungarian government was following Brussels' line in every aspect and refused to set conditions in the interest of the ethnic Hungarians living in the Lower Carpathians. This political line continues now.

Jobbik considers the Hungarian interest to be the priority in foreign and national policy. When getting into power, Jobbik's priority in the policy towards neighbouring countries will be to represent  the interests of the Hungarian communities living in the territories torn away from us. The aspects of cooperation with the EU and the economy can only come second.

Referring to the current situation in Ukraine, István Szávay expressed Jobbik's hope that the Ukrainian situation would be settled, but he also said the country would never be the same as before. The Hungarians of the Lower Carpathian region cannot be left out of the settlement, and the aspects of the Hungarian community cannot be ignored.

Hungary must take the firmest stance for the autonomy of the Hungarians living there, so that they could have the most comprehensive form of self-governance.

We must be prepared for all possible outcomes

In Szávay's opinion we may see the negative scenario mentioned in the media to come true, which means that the territorial integrity of Ukraine might possibly suffer a significant damage. This situation poses a new challenge to Hungary and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which means that in a case like this we must seek different kinds of answers.

Jobbik will fully support the government and be a partner in all measures to protect the Hungarian community and serve its interests.

However, we cannot see the intentions of the government yet, it is not clear whether the government gives priority to the protection of Hungarians living there, so we believe that the government must inform the relevant Parliamentary committees - the politician said.

István Szávay and Márton Gyöngyösi sent a letter to Mihály Balla, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Árpád János Potápi, the chairman of the National Unity Committee, requesting them to convene a joint, closed meeting of the two committees. This meeting should be attended by the foreign minister, the deputy prime minister responsible for national policy, the director of the information bureau and any other persons the chairmen of the two committees consider necessary to be present.

Jobbik's politician added that this meeting was supposed to inform them of the government's intentions and plans as well as its analysis of the situation, including:  what kind of information the government has, what measures it is planning to take in order to protect the Hungarian community and what scenarios it has in case the situation escalates.

They will also propose to set up a five-party delegation consisting of the members of the two committees and send them to Ukraine as soon as possible to obtain information about the situation as well as to meet the leaders of the Hungarian community there. Jobbik believes it is important for Hungarian Members of Parliament to get information on location.

Unfortunately, we cannot see the Hungarian government's clear commitment to protect the Hungarian community at the moment, and neither can we see what kind of strategy, plans or scenarios the government has - apart from following Brussels' line in a subservient manner - said István Szávay.