Jobbik: Viktor Orbán wants to build a Rákosi-like dictatorship in Hungary

“Jobbik will continue fighting the dictatorship of Viktor Orbán’s gangster government,” stated Jobbik MP György Szilágyi, in response to an amended decree, signed by Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga, to introduce aggravated measures for parties breaking the law in terms of their financial management. The Minister’s decree was published right after the prosecutor’s office had begun to investigate Jobbik to follow up on the State Audit Office’s (ÁSZ) statement that Jobbik had resisted the review process of its financial management. The MP says the reason why the government is trying to undermine his party is because Jobbik is the only potential challenger for the upcoming elections next year.

“Apparently, Viktor Orbán is trying to turn back time. At the moment, we live in a Kádár dictatorship and moving back toward a Rákosi dictatorship: Viktor Orbán wants to build a Rákosi dictatorship in Hungary. Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary will use all legal means to fight these efforts, even if the means applied against us are illegal,” said MP Szilágyi to Hír TV.

On Saturday, the party’s spokesman said Jobbik considered the prosecutor’s investigation a part of PM Orbán’s pre-written scenario. “Practically speaking, the amended decree is part of a show trial like procedure typical of the 1950s. The new regulation enables the government to immediately collect, in the form of a tax, any potential fines charged to a party committing a breach of law, which Jobbik of course did not do. The first step of the process is what the audit office has just done: create a fake problem with Jobbik. In the next phase, the prosecutor’s office pretends to conduct an investigation while the government already seems busy wording the verdict,” said Jobbik’s spokesman Péter Jakab.

On Friday, spokesperson of Budapest Prosecutor’s Office Bettina Bagoly said that the Prosecutor’s Office of Budapest Districts 11 and 22 interpreted the ÁSZ’ report as pressing charges and  ordered an investigation against an unidentified perpatrator on the grounds of “omission of duties related to revision by the State Audit Office”. Politics Can Be Different (LMP) Party announced that they would turn to the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU).

In the meantime, noticed that an amended decree, which was, unusually enough, published in Hungarian Official Gazette’s extraordinary Friday issue, may entail Jobbik’s funding to be withdrawn. Signed by Minister for the National Economy Mihály Varga, the amended decree says that if funds allocated from the national budget need to be reduced due to a breach of law, the recoverable amount may be collected as a tax. In other words, Hungary’s National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) may decide to seize the party’s funding.

Back on Tuesday, the State Audit Office announced that they would have begun their revision of Jobbik’s financial reports on 10th August but the party refused to cooperate so they turned to the prosecutor’s office. However, Jobbik later denied the allegation of refusal to cooperate: as they wrote in their press release, they were willing to cooperate with the State Audit Office but such cooperation “was blocked on political instructions”. Jobbik’s Parliamentary faction leader János Volner and economic director Péter Schön attempted to hand over the documents in the ÁSZ’ head office but, as János Volner said, the audit office refused to take them over claiming that such act would be illegal.

The ÁSZ had never reviewed the economic reports of political parties in the ongoing financial year but they made an exception with Jobbik this time.


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