Jobbik urged Parliament to stand up for peace

In their motion handed to the Committee of Foreign Affairs, President of Jobbik Gábor Vona, and MPs Márton Gyöngyösi, Ádám Mirkóczki and István Szávay urged the Parliament to make a political statement that Hungary should not be enrolled into a war.

In the document Jobbik states that the peace and the security of Hungary is the most important and there is no international treaty that can oblige our country to participate in armed conflicts. As it is written, Jobbik firmly believes that such conflicts can be avoided and no war can be stopped by weapons.

Our party is certain that now, when a war is going on in our neighbour, neutrality is the policy that should be followed by Hungary and the nations of Europe should be encouraged to choose peace instead of the escalation of the present bloodshed.

Although Ádám Mirkóczki, one of the authors of the motion stressed that the document was just a proposal and Jobbik was open to any discussion of the text before the National Assembly, members of governing Fidesz and the socialists in the Committee of Foreign Policy refused any further dispute by voting against the motion and not letting it to general dispute.

President of the Foreign Committee Zsolt Németh (Fidesz) told he did not believe that armed conflicts could be anytime solved by political measures and saved the point of NATO on the ongoing Ukrainian war.

After a short dispute Fidesz and the Socialists proved again that their views on foreign policy only differ in rhetorics and did not let even the softest measure, the political statement to be discussed by the Assembly.