Jobbik to remove President of the Republic from office

Hungary’s largest opposition party is launching a removal process against the president for signing the outdoor media act into law, said Jobbik’s parliamentary faction leader János Volner in his Monday press conference. Jobbik maintains its position that János Áder signed measures that clearly violated the constitution. Mr Volner stated that his party was going to launch the removal procedure in line with the Hungarian legal regulations, and Mr Áder would be released from his office at the end.

As it was reported earlier, Jobbik’s outdoor media campaign, which began with the memorable “You work, they steal” slogan, prompted a personal and angry reaction from Viktor Orbán. Intimidated by their boss’ wrath, Fidesz MPs had no choice but to use any means in a Bolshevik-like manner to make the largest opposition party’s ads disappear from the streets. The debate in the Parliamentary committee already revealed that the government party’s bill was unconstitutional since the financial operation of political parties can only be regulated by fundamental laws and government offices cannot control parties. Furthermore, the bill was invalid even by public law because the text was not identical with the one that Mr Áder had returned to the Parliament for further consideration.

Embarrassingly enough for Hungary’s parliamentary democracy, the new bill was passed by a simple majority, which prompted Jobbik to urge a review by the Constitutional Court. Gábor Vona declared that his party was going to launch the procedure to remove János Áder from his office if he signed the outdoor media act. “To put it very simply, just like he has done before, János Áder once again acted like Fidesz’ soldier. Instead of protecting the rule of law in Hungary, he unscrupulously served Fidesz’ partisan interests,” Mr Volner recalled the events in front of the presidential palace today, adding that preliminary discussions suggested that all opposition parties were going to join the initiative to remove Mr Áder from his office. The procedure will be conducted by the Constitutional Court.

Mr Áder is in trouble

Paragraph (2) of Article 13 of Hungary’s Fundamental Law states that “if the President of the Republic intentionally violates the Fundamental Law or, in connection with performing his or her office, any Act, and/or if he or she commits an intentional criminal offence, one-fifth of the Members of the National Assembly may propose his or her removal from office.


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