Jobbik to conclude real social contract with Hungarian people

“Jobbik wants to conclude a real social contract with the citizens to replace Fidesz’ National Cooperation System (NER) that is built on corruption, arrogance and permanent obsessive warfare,” Jobbik’s president and candidate for Prime Minister Gábor Vona announced his next pledge as part of his Vona18 series in his Sunday press conference.

Mr Vona explained that the Hungarian society had seven years to learn and experience how the Parliament’s Fidesz majority operated the NER, which incorporates the “foundations of a lying and dishonest system” as laid down by the government.

Jobbik’s prime minister candidate pointed out a section in the NER Declaration which says “the Parliament declares that the April elections have given birth to a new social contract”. However, in Mr Vona’s view, the government had no social legitimacy to adopt the laws of the past years. He explained that the NER did not really meet the conditions of a social contract as contracts require signatures from both parties and Fidesz had failed to have it approved by the Hungarian nation since it had not even presented the concept of this system to the people until after winning the 2010 elections. “Consequently, this is not a valid contract because the Hungarian society was not given a chance to evaluate it beforehand,” Mr Vona asserted.

Photo: Balázs Béli

Jobbik wants to offer a new social contract to Hungarian citizens which they can examine and evaluate one year before the elections. This document is  Jobbik’s declaration adopted by the national congress on June 10. The prime minister candidate emphasized that his party wanted to use clean hands to reach out to the Hungarian society. They will not offer a blind bargain, they will not try to justify their actions afterwards by claiming that the Hungarian society supported it.

Mr Vona also expressed that the declaration had been evaluated and approved by all of Jobbik’s decision making forums. The party will present the programme elements to the people in national tours and rallies to involve the citizens in the discussion. Eventually, the Hungarian society will have the opportunity to sign the contract at the 2018 elections. Each vote cast for Jobbik will represent a signature of approval given to this contract. If Jobbik wins the elections, then this declaration will be Hungary’s new and real social contract.

Citing some essential elements of the programme, the prime minister candidate emphasized the following:
 - Jobbik wants a safe, liveable, free and fair Hungary
 - they want to govern the country with Hungarian hearts, common sense and clean hands
 - the most important objective in the 21st-century is to enable everyone to prosper in their own homeland

Photo: Balázs Béli

The Vona18 series also includes such pledges as „No migrants: neither rich, nor poor!”, the Citizens’ Initiative for a European Wage Union, the anti-corruption legislation package called “Lex Lúdas Matyi”, the Max8 principle (which would limit any politician’s service as Prime Minister to a maximum of 8 years), the oligarch tax, the “Type D” screening for government members and the establishment of a Civil Parliament.

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