Jobbik: The report of Human Rights First is an attack on Hungary's sovereignty

Attacks have remained at a verbal level thus far, but HRF’s report means an open, blunt and aggressive interference.

The deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group says that the most aggressive attack on Hungary's sovereignty so far has been launched by the civil rights organization Human Rights First, when they issued their report criticizing the Hungarian government's policy and Jobbik.

On Saturday, Márton Gyöngyösi held a press conference in front of the US Embassy in Budapest and expressed his views on the report as follows:

The US has devised a scheme to use the help of intelligence services, NCOs funded from abroad as well as the so-called independent press in order to regulate Hungary and drive it back to the "path of neoliberalism".

Seeing the situation, Jobbik calls upon Fidesz and the Hungarian government to stop their "shuttlecock policy" and decide whether they side with Euro-Atlantism or patriotic people - said the politician. He stated that Western power centres have made numerous attempts since 2010 to interfere with Hungary's domestic policy. Attacks have remained at a verbal level thus far, but the report of HRF means an open, blunt and aggressive interference.

He added that Jobbik was a key target of the report for a reason, since the party is "the most dedicated defender" of Hungary's sovereignty, and often raises its voice against neoliberalism and Euro-Atlantism.

Márton Gyöngyösi reminded that the report urged to use intelligence services to explore what business and political groups were behind Jobbik, while it also implied that the movement was funded from Russia and Iran. The deputy leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group suggested an investigation into how the US, through its embassy, operates the network that regularly interferes with Hungary's domestic affairs applying intelligence service means. Such investigation would be especially necessary since there is information about how Hungarian politicians and political parties were targeted by bugging operations from the embassy.