Jobbik is ready to govern

Latest election results in Gyöngyöspata show that Jobbik should focus on local issues to increase party support.

In the fall session of Parliament, Jobbik will concentrate on Gypsy-Hungarian co-existence and the issues of public debt including money owed in foreign currency, said Gábor Vona after the two day party caucus meeting in Kehidakustány, Zala county.

These are the most important issues Hungarian society has to face in the coming years that threaten to spiral out of control.

During the fall session of Parliament, Jobbik will also pay particular attention to the planned local government reform, health care issues, education reform, labour code reform and the amendment of the electoral law.

According to Vona, Hungary has been sailing toward a "serious economic and social crisis," that the government has even exacerbated in recent months despite issuing positive statements on the state of the economy.

Jobbik is ready to lead the country out of the crisis, which is a national question rather that narrow party policy, said Vona.

The Gyöngyöspata election victory shows that focusing on local issues is the way to go in attracting party support; this strategy works despite Fidesz's efforts to entrench its power in Hungarian society. In the coming months, Jobbik will pay way more attention to local issues and to the expectations of people to find acceptable solutions for their problems locally, said Vona.

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