Jobbik raises the banner in New York, too

We are informed that Jobbik established its first organization overseas last week. The New York friendship group took on the major challenge to eliminate the American immigrant Hungarian community's fears and prejudices about Jobbik.

On April 18, István Szávay held a Hungarian night in the Arpad Hall in the 82nd Street of Manhattan's former Hungarian quarter. Jobbik's vice president had a ten-day tour of the US East Coast to assess the needs and problems of the local Hungarian community. As he puts it, the party has just entered a stage when they can go beyond the Carpathian Basin and start collecting feedback overseas.

"Sooner or later Jobbik will win the elections and govern Hungary. Being aware of this responsibility, we are doing our best to assess the needs of Hungarian communities in the US so that when can have the best insight and knowledge when we take over the government." says the MP.

In a related Facebook post, Szávay already referred to the need for the party to develop a special national strategy to help Hungarian communities outside the Carpathian Basin, including Western European and overseas groups, to survive and preserve their identity.

Better future in America

We contacted László Baumeister, the organizer of the friendship group. He was born in Nagyvárad and has been living in the US and running a construction business for 30 years. Besides, he is an active member of the local civic community as well as the religious congregation as a presbyter of the Reformed Church. As he puts it, the future of the Hungarian nation has always been close to his heart, and he decided to commit to the values and goals of the movement after Gábor Vona's visit to the US in 2010.

The Hungarian-American community must be shown Jobbik's true principle: to build a liveable Hungary and a cooperative nation. The only way to do it is through personal example. "We must personally deliver the news to the people that the Hungarian nation has a future in the framework of a movement that conducts patriotic policy and needs all Hungarian people who consider the interests of the nation." says the organizer of the New York Friendship Group.

Yet another milestone

Jobbik's first foreign organization was established in Munich, Germany in January this year, and István Szávay called the event a historic milestone in the party's life the West. In response to our questions, the politician confirmed that Jobbik's goal was to establish friendship groups wherever there is a substantial Hungarian community, thus helping Jobbik's progress and boosting the party's credibility. Besides, Jobbik greatly relies on the feedback and vision of the party's foreign members so that they could increase the efficiency of Jobbik's national policy work in the Hungarian Parliament.

"This is even a greater challenge in the US than in other countries as not only is there a hostile local media but the news from the motherland are filtered, too. We must concurrently fight the Nazi stigmatization by the US media and a complete ignorance of our party as well. Our strongest weapon is justice in this case too, and we hope that we will be able to contact more and more emigrant Hungarians, for which the work of the friendship group is highly important." says Szávay.

When we asked where the next Jobbik organization was going to be established, the MP only responded it would take place in the Western European country from where Jobbik had received the most applications for membership online.


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