Jobbik leaders urge Hungary to quit EU

Leader of the radical nationalist Jobbik party Gabor Vona urged Hungary to quit the European Union at a demonstration in central Budapest on Saturday.

Vona said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso’s letter on Wednesday had violated Hungary’s independence. He called for a referendum to be held, enabling Hungarians to decide whether they still want to be part of the EU.

The crowd filling a 100-metre stretch of a 15-metre wide street was chanting “Let’s Quit” and "Down with Trianon” in response to the party leader’s call.

By asking Hungary to amend three of its laws, the EC demonstrated that it expected Hungary to give up its independence, said Vona.

Several participants were carrying EU flags with the word NO written on them.

At the end of the rally Jobbik deputy-leader Elod Novak and Levente Muranyi, whom he introduced as a 1956 freedom fighter, set an EU flag on fire.

The EC said on Wednesday that it was analysing the compatibility of Hungarian laws with EU laws. Concerns relate to a number of issues, including the independence of the central bank, mandatory early retirement of judges and prosecutors and the independence of the national data protection authority, Barroso said in a statement.