Jobbik hopes for a real political renewal in Italy

Although Jobbik fully agrees that the Italian political system, which has remained unchanged since the end of World War II and is known for its instability, is in need of a reform especially considering that Italy has been facing financial-economic difficulties for years, our party does not find the failure of the Constitutional amendment surprising.

As we have seen in several other countries over the years, a significant share of the voters tend to use the referendum to express their opinions on the current governments; we are convinced that the people of Italy did not vote against the need for a change but against the old, 20th century elite which is unable to meet 21st century challenges. In our view, the failure of the referendum submitted by PM Matteo Renzi was the predictable manifestation of the citizens' dissatisfaction with the reigning political elite.

Considering it a sign of political maturity, we welcome the fact that Mr Renzi has assumed the responsibility and resigned from his office, unlike the Hungarian PM who decided to launch an avalanche of lies in a similar situation. Nevertheless, we hope that Italy will see the emergence of political forces that represent a real change and are able to respond to the current problems as well as to stabilize the Italian political system whilst having the Italian nation's best interest at heart.


MP Márton Gyöngyösi, vice chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs