Jobbik expected real V4 cooperation instead of mere rhetorics

Jobbik is disappointed to hear the outcome of the Prague meeting of the Visegrad Four countries which has been awaited with great expectations. Based on the proposed objectives, the meeting indeed raised high hopes since the agenda included such issues as the establishment of a line of defence on the Macedonia-Bulgaria border as well as a firm stance against Merkel's quota system which had both been the cornerstones of Jobbik's concept in this matter.

We regret to see that, instead of developing a common position to resist the migrant quota and supporting the construction of a Schengen-independent line of defence, the leaders of V4 countries did nothing but delivered speeches studded with rhetorical elements typical of their particular political character, hardly containing any specific proposals. That is quite disappointing in light of the facts that even French Prime Minister Manuel Valls no longer backs Merkel's concept, and Western European voices demanding to protect Europe are louder and louder.

In Jobbik's view, V4 countries should establish a real cooperation, involving all Balkan states that are ready to act so that they could jointly develop an efficient defence system at the endangered regional borders, independently from a lame European Union. In the meantime, we expect Hungary's government to contribute to the safety of Hungarian citizens by setting up an independent border guard service and fully stand up against the return of migrants from Western Europe to our country.

Jobbik MPs Márton Gyöngyösi and Dániel Z. Kárpát