ISIS can no longer be handled in a peaceful way

ISIS can no longer be handled in a peaceful way
Jobbik's Spokesman and head of the Cabinet of Church Affairs, Ádám Mirkóczki held a press conference in front of the Iraqi Embassy in Budapest on Friday. Then he and the members of Jobbik's Youth Platform lit candles in memory of the victims mercilessly murdered by ISIS. Mirkóczki and the youth had an Arab letter "N" on their T-shirts to express their solidarity with Iraqi Christians whose houses were marked with this letter by the terrorist organisation (it stands for the word "Nasrani", which means Christian).
August 15 is the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, a major festivity of the Christian church, and it is also the day when Saint Stephen offered the country to the Virgin Mary. In addition to the commemoration of these historical and religious events, Jobbik believes we also need to remind the public how the terrorist organisation "ISIS" brutalizes Christians and followers of other faiths in Iraq and Syria - said Ádám Mirkóczki in his press conference in front of the Iraqi Embassy on Friday. Jobbik's spokesman pointed out that the organization addressing itself as the Islamic State makes everyone suffer, and it cannot be regarded as a conflict between Christians and Muslims or Shiites and Sunnis, since anyone who disagrees with the ideology of the terrorists is risking his life.

He said it was unacceptable that the great powers who often imagine themselves as the policemen of the world are now lying idly by while there is a genocide going on in Iraq. In addition to solidarity, we also need to take political steps as the Iraqi situation is now far beyond a peaceful resolution. The religious leaders of the world have already voiced their opinions, now it was time for politicians to take the necessary steps, said Mirkóczki, who considered Viktor Orbán's public statement as a positive development, yet far from enough.

Jobbik believes that Hungary should provide humanitarian and medical aid to the Iraqi victims, shelter refugees as well as to hand over military equipment to Kurdish soldiers who are currently fighting against ISIS. Great Britain and France have already offered their assistance, Hungarians should perform their Christians and human duties and help them as well. Taking this step, Hungary could start a chain reaction, which could contribute, albeit to a small extent, to peace in Iraq - said the spokesman, voicing the opinion of the party.

After the press conference, Mirkóczki and the members of Jobbik's Youth Platform lit candles in memory of the Iraqi victims. The participants had the Arab letter "N" on their T-shirts, the symbol which was used by ISIS to mark the houses of Christians. The mark often meant inhumane, brutal torture and even execution for the helpless civilians.

It was not the first time when Jobbik spoke out in this issue, yet they were definitely the first to do so in Hungary, since the party's vice president, Tamás Sneider had already submitted a written question to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 8, asking them when they were going to raise a voice against the harassment of Christians. The submission was then followed by a press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and a few days later Bence Rétvári, the vice president of the Christian Democratic People’s Party spoke out for Iraqi Christians, then Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote a letter to the European Council.