2015-07-12 19:34
The Transcarpathian town of Munkács (Mukachevo) is living in civil war conditions as the gunmen of extremist Right Sector (Praviy Sektor) engaged in a gunfight with the bodyguards of an MP and the arr
2015-07-11 10:14
In Jobbik's opinion, the fundamental interest of the Hungarian community living in the Lower Carpathians lies in the achievement of the widest possible consensus in the Hungarian political sphere
2015-06-17 16:59
Jobbik's vice president stated it was unacceptable that Ukraine taxes the subsidies of the Hungarian state provided for ethnic Hungarian teachers in the Lower Carpathian region.
2015-05-28 11:28
In Jobbik's view, each national community has the inalienable right to use their languages freely. Any country curbing these rights must not be regarded as one governed by the rule of law.
2015-05-21 12:17
Ukrainian paramilitary unit Karpatska Sitsh (KS), which has issued threats to execute Hungarian activists, will go on to operate as a part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
2015-05-18 09:06
We call upon the Hungarian government to use all possible forums to apply all means to protect Hungarian-language education and schools in the Lower Carpathians.
2015-05-18 08:56
While threatening to liquidate Jobbik and Sixty-Four Counties Movement (HVIM) members, Karpatska Sitsh (KS) operates military training camps in the Lower Carpathians.
2015-05-11 09:34
Romanian media has taken notice of Jobbik's growing popularity and daily newspaper Adevărul published an interview with Jobbik's vice president István Szávay.
2015-05-06 13:50
In a closed session of the National Security Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly, the Information Office and the Military National Security Service briefed the MPs about the threat on Jobbik.
2015-04-30 09:42
We are informed that Jobbik established its first organization overseas last week.