Hungarian schools in Slovakia close in positive silence

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary was astonished yesterday to hear the decision of the Slovakian Parliament, which will put dozens of Hungarian schools of Slovakia in dire straits. The amendment of the education act means that a higher number of students will be required to establish a primary school class from the fall of 2015. The restriction will cause many village schools to cease operation, since they typically run classes with a lower number of students. Many of these institutions are Hungarian schools. Once again, we witness how the Slovakian government and legislation, hiding behind the façade of rational reforms, openly attacks Hungarian education, a key to the future of Slovakia's Hungarian people.

The clearly anti-Hungarian legislation amendment is another sad consequence of Hungary's foreign and national policy, which constantly gives a priority to economic considerations and relations with neighbouring governments over the interests of the Hungarian people living in the surrounding countries. The plan to force the small Hungarian schools out of operation in Slovakia clearly disproves the statement of State Secretary of Foreign Affairs Zsolt Németh, who said that there was a "positive silence" in the Slovakian-Hungarian relations.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary calls upon the Hungarian Foreign Ministry to abandon its cowardly and capitulationist policy lying idly by while the Hungarians are oppressed on the other side of the border, and to take assertive measures to prevent this legislation from being passed in its current form!

Budapest, 5th December, 2013.


István Szávay

Member of Parliament,

Chairman of Jobbik's National Policy Cabinet