"Hungarian heart, common sense and clean hands"

In his press conference held in Gyöngyös, Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona summarized his party’s future government guidelines which had been laid out in the declaration unanimously adopted by Jobbik’s 16th national conference.

“In terms of its significance, the declaration adopted by the conference is comparable to the party’s founding charter and, 14 years after Jobbik’s foundation, this document will serve as a compass to determine the party’s ideas on governance and political agenda,” Mr Vona said in his Gyöngyös press conference. He pointed out that the declaration truly made Jobbik a national people’s party which focuses on bringing back culture, quality and honesty into the political sphere, in other words, to restore the integrity of politics.

As he put it, Jobbik considers politics as “the duty of service”. “Being for the people is more than a phrase,” he said, adding it was a clear message to show that Jobbik was going to represent the interests of the citizens rather than the politicians.

How Jobbik is going to govern Hungary

“Hungarian heart, common sense and clean hands,” this is how he briefly summarized the essential elements of a future Jobbik government’s attitude, explaining that the party was founded by Hungarian hearts, the declaration was adopted with the rationality of responsibility of common sense and they were going to govern with clean hands from 2018.

What will Jobbik’s Hungary look like?

“We want a safe, liveable, fair and free Hungary,” the prime minister candidate emphasized, adding that “A sturdy table needs four strong legs. If you remove any of them, the table falls over.” That is why he regrets that the current government focuses on nothing but security, which is indeed important for Jobbik as well but if the rest is missing, the country is no longer liveable and our youth flee from here. The president expressed his view that successful governance is measured by how citizens rate the performance of the country’s leaders.

Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahír

In Mr Vona’s opinion, the most important sentence and objective of 21st- century politics is to ensure that “everybody can prosper in their own homeland”, because it is a positive message for all people, especially Hungarians. In his view, no matter how positive the government propaganda is, a country that is abandoned by its youth cannot be successful.

Realistic chance to get into government

The various poll results have some things in common: Fidesz is leading and Jobbik is the runner-up but voters who want a change in government have been able to put their party preferences aside in the by-elections and tended to support whichever challenger had the best chance to beat the government’s candidate locally. The conclusion is that the change requires an alliance of voters rather than political parties, he explained.

“We want to run the best candidate in each electorate across the country and offer an agenda that clearly shows our citizens that Jobbik is a political community able to govern Hungary well.” Mr Vona revealed that his current focus is on preparing for government.


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