Hundreds protest for peace and in support of Iran at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest - Pro-Iran peace protest speech of Márton Gyöngyösi

Despite the biting cold almost three hundred people participated in the peace demonstration organized by Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary on the eve of 2 December, 2011. The rally was held on Szabadság Square in Budapest in front of the US Embassy to protest against the war threatening Iran. Below you can read the full text of the speech of Mr Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik MP, Vice-Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee:

Dear Attendees! Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Friends!

In us, Hungarians our thousand-year old history and all of its hardships and sufferings have perfected the love of freedom and the solidarity for people fighting for freedom and independence in any remote part of the world. We had to fight so often with a wide variety of resistance instruments against powers attacking us that by now we almost instinctively protest against injustice in the world.

Colonization of our time is no longer by means of open, well-recognizable direct military actions. Today tools of mass-manipulation have at least as important a role to play in oppression and subjugation. When in years to come it will be contemplated how and what diverse evil implements were used by the colonizers of our age to extend their power in the world it will surely be presented through the example of Iran. The West has deployed every instrument against the Persian people in the past decades: after the failure of direct military attacks it is trying to tune the public opinion against Iran by using the best mass-manipulation instrument: the media. Besides that other important instruments are the economic and trade embargo, series of assassinations and bombings executed by intelligence aiming to destabilize the country, by supporting the fight of the opposition against the Iranian regime, emphasising the perceived lack of human rights and the manipulated data and reports of international organizations that dare to claim themselves independent. If we know the nature of the power dominating the globalized world we can see that the West subordinated to the Zionist interests has been operating indirect propaganda-campaign for decades against the ancient and proud, freedom and independence-loving Persian nation.


Dear Friends!

The key element of the mendacious campaign is to make people believe that Iran is preparing to attack Hungary, Europe and the whole world. To have this enemy vision developed first the seeds of fear and terror must be sowed. Not incidentally, according to those who command us to fear Iran, elderly Hungarians do not have to live in fear in a Borsod county village that has a gypsy majority. What we were also commanded. However, dear friends, before the politically correct and compulsory fear prevails upon us let’s see whether we should really be afraid of Iran and its people.

Perhaps it’s not a secret that Budapest is located 4,200 kilometres away from Tehran, Iran’s capital but even Orumiyeh the nearest city to Budapest is 3000 kilometres away. However Iran’s most advanced medium-range ballistic missile, the Shahab 3 has only a 1900 km range. But even if Iran had a longer range ballistic missile and would want to aim at Hungary with it, Iran does not have an atom bomb to fit on it! Therefore, our country has no reason to fear Iran as she has nothing to challenge us with. And if an existing Iranian missile cannot even reach Hungary it has even less chance to reach the Western European countries. However, this does not prevent the United States to build missile shields in Poland against the non-existing Iranian missiles.

Dear Friends!

The other Western lie is about Iran’s intention of attacking. Why would a country that has not had an offensive expedition against any of her neighbours since Darius and Xerxes want to attack Hungary or Europe thousands kilometres away? In contrast, Iran has constantly been attacked or is being attacked. As in 1941, when British imperial forces and the Soviet Union invaded to capture her oilfields. As in 1953, when the American and British intelligence overthrew Mohamed Mossadegh, Iran’s democratically elected leader, when he wanted to nationalize the country’s oil supplies and wanted to use its profits for social welfare programs. Or after the 1979 Iranian Revolution when the United States and Great Britain persuaded Saddam Hussein, then their friends, the executed Iraqi dictator to attack Iran for her oil. Then – in the eight years long war – half a million Iranian people lost their lives while Iraq had even deployed chemical weapons originating from Western countries against Persian people.

Dear Friends!

The International Atomic Agency led by a Japanese, who is just a toy in America’s hand has recently introduced its report on the Iranian atomic program. In the report they could not find any evidence for Tehran having nuclear weapons or making nuclear weapons. But Israel has already been talking about air strikes against Iran. Israel, that has 300 atom bombs and missiles to deliver those. Israel, that routinely attacks its neighbours and occupies the colonized Palestine.

Dear Friends!

Iran’s only crime is that in the democratic Lebanon she helps Hezbollah and the Hamas, which is governing in the Gaza Strip as a result of a democratic election, and consistently supports the fight  of the suffering Palestinians against the occupying Zionist terror. This is why the Persian people and their leaders are considered pariahs in the eyes of the West serving Israeli interests.


Dear Attendees, Dear Friends!

Today, Jobbik is the only radical or not radical party across Europe that does dare to tell the truth about Israel and Iran. Because Jobbik is the only political party today in Europe, which dares to hold a mirror in front of those in power – thus also the Hungarian government slavishly serving Zionist interests. This is the mirror of reality. In which a heavily armed Israel capable of every conceivable evil, mass murder and genocide, a state established on racial discrimination can be seen and an Iran, the aggressive intensions of which have never been proved. This is well known now by the majority public opinion. And we are saying it out loud. This is why we have solidarity with the peaceful Iran and turn to her with the same open heart as Iran turns towards those who are approaching her with open heart and outstretched hands.


God bless the Persian people, all the peace-loving people of the world, God bless you! Thank you for coming and for your attention.