Hold referendum on migrant quota!

Jobbik has already stated that the party rejects the European Commission's migration quota plan and considers it fatal for Hungary. Even though there is now a new proposal that might seem to create a better situation than the current one, the reality is much more complex.

Although this proposal allocates a lower number of refugees to Hungary than last year's figure, but it still means a significant growth compared to 2012 and especially the years before. Knowing the EU's decision making and strategic planning processes, the carrot will likely be followed by the stick, too. The large, Western member states of the European Union had a reason to come up with this plan, because they are under a lot of political pressure at home due to the intolerably high number of refugees and immigrants. The situation is going to be worse and worse in the near future, so if the EU accepts the quota plan, then the possibility of a drastic raise in the quota figures will hang above our heads as the sword of Damocles.

So I made a proposal: if the migration quota is introduced into EU law, then Hungary should hold a referendum about its application. The referendum would also reveal the opinion of each political party, citizens could see who wants a massive immigration into Hungary.


Gábor Vona, President of Jobbik