German Greens criticize Hungary but they don't want any more refugees

While the Green Party is Hungary's loudest and most frequent political critic, even calling our country fascist for not providing good enough care for a mass of migrants never seen before, the Green-led state of Baden-Württenberg has suspended the reception of refugees for a while because their capacities are full. It is a classic case of double standards.

As our readers may know, Rebecca Harms, the co-president of the EP's Greens/European Free Alliance faction paid a quick visit to Keleti Railway Station last Friday.

Back at Keleti Railway Station hysterogeny mode was on

The German MEP has just voiced a harsh criticism of Hungary back at Budapest's Keleti Railway Station. Among other things, she said that she had seen miserable conditions for refugees in Europe many times but she couldn't find the words to describe what she saw in Budapest, a European capital. At that time, what she considered most important was that these tired and often sick people should receive proper care and all responsible thinkers must agree that these people should leave Hungary as soon as possible.

However, she failed to add that it was Germany who insisted on compliance with the Dublin III Resolution. The resolution obliges each member state not to allow anyone to go on without registration. In other words, she harshly criticized Hungary for actually complying with its international obligations. 

They have had enough of the refugees for a while

In spite of Harms' words in Budapest, the Green-led state of Baden-Württemberg was the first to announce suspending the reception of migrants for a while.

Talking to Stuttgarter Zeitung, Klaus-Peter Murawski, the Head of the State Chancellery said that they were quickly running out of capacity due to the continuous influx of asylum seekers. For example, 4 thousand new asylum seekers have arrived in the state of Baden-Württemberg just since Saturday, and the Head of the State Chancellery announced on Wednesday afternoon that they could not host any more people. "All of our capacities have been exhausted".

So the Greens failed miserably in terms of migration policy even though they had just recently voiced harsh criticism of Hungary. Germany distributes migrants to each state proportionately. The system considers the size of the population as well as the local economic performance. Baden-Württemberg has over ten million inhabitants and it is one of the richest states within Germany. However, it only receives less than 13 per cent of the migrants arriving in the country. So they are expected to take care of a little more than one tenth of all refugees but they apparently fail to do even that much. In light of that, how could they possibly expect Hungary, a country far poorer than Baden-Württemberg, to provide proper care to all migrants? This question has remained unanswered so far.