Gábor Vona: What we are witnessing is the collapse of the European Union

On Wednesday, Jobbik's President Gábor Vona held a press conference on the mandatory quota system. Among other things, he stated that we were witnessing the collapse of the European Union, and the appearance of a couple of hundred thousand unarmed migrants was just enough for that. As a potential solution for the problem, Jobbik raises the idea of a EU referendum, by which EU citizens could exercise direct pressure on Brussels.

"It should come as no surprise that Jobbik categorically rejects Tuesday's decision by EU Interior Ministers approving the mandatory quota to relocate migrants across the continent", Gábor Vona summarized the patriotic party's standpoint. He emphasized that Jobbik would also say no to any future legislation that would force our nation to accept migrants in any way.
In the party president's view, not only is the quota system unacceptable for Hungary, it is a dysfunctional structure that is unacceptable for the entire continent, and clearly fails to solve any of the problems. In fact, it even makes them worse.
He reminded the media that the Orban government had so far failed to give an adequate response to Tuesday's resolution while Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico clearly stated right after the decision that as long as he was the Prime Minister of his country, Slovakia would not implement mandatory quotas. "Never have I thought that I would ever quote Robert Fico's political acts as a positive example but that's what has just happened," Gábor Vona drew the bitter conclusion. The leader of the patriotic opposition emphasized that the European Commission would soon draft a bill on the quota system.

The Hungarian government will have to resist it somehow.

In his view, one way of such a resistance could be to initiate a referendum, which would be rather difficult as you are not allowed to hold a referendum on international obligations. However, he added that Jobbik believed there may be a way to do it in line with the Constitution. The other option would be an EU referendum, the institutionalized form of which, the so-called European Citizens' Initiative is a terribly slow procedure that only imitates democracy within the EU.
However, as Hungary is pressed for time, the nation's primary task is to raise the issue of amending the Treaty of Lisbon, so that each member state could be able to reject an EU legislation by way of a national referendum.
"Let me ask all European parties that disapprove of the quota system to look into what options they have in their own states to prevent the ratification of the quota system," Gábor Vona urged a cooperation. He also reflected on why he considered Tuesday's decision a mistake. He believes it won’t eliminate the root causes of the migration crisis. In fact, it brings about even bigger problems by sending some sort of an invitation card to migrants by way of an institutionalized settlement programme. He called the system absurd as there was no guarantee whatsoever that the allocated migrants would stay in the country where they are sent.  However, if some legislation is passed to block their movement, it would mean that the basic right of free movement of persons within the EU would cease to exist. So the concept of the Schengen zone is simply incompatible with the quota system, explained the politician.

"In fact, what we are witnessing is the collapse of the European Union. Even though it is still functioning legally, it has already failed in practice. All it needed for such failure was the appearance of a couple of hundred thousand unarmed migrants," Gábor Vona pointed out. "It clearly shows the condition and operability of the EU as a community," he said.
Just like other EU sceptics, what Jobbik criticizes is not the idea of European cooperation but the EU's operational practice, and Brussels has just shown yet another evidence how dysfunctional it is.


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