Gábor Vona visits Budapest Turkish Institute


Jobbik's President Gábor Vona, accompanied by the party's deputy Parliamentary Group leader Márton Gyöngyösi and Georgina Bernáth, the presidential secretary in charge of Turkish affairs visited Yunus Emre Institute, the centre of Turkish culture in Budapest to meet with Yakup Gül, the director of the institute.

Gül pointed out that as the leader of a cultural institute, he was not supposed to deal with political issues but he was very glad that the visit took place. Among other topics, the director gave a brief presentation about the success of various language courses and other programmes, while the invited Turkish linguists underlined the importance of the studies published by Hungarian Turkologists.

Referring to his role as the Chairman of the Hungary-Turkey Friendship Group in the Hungarian National Assembly, Gábor Vona emphasized that he was going to do his best to intensify the cultural relations between the two nations. The party president also expressed his hope that they could launch successful joint projects in the future, including the museum project to present the Osmanic past of the Jobbik-led town of Törökszentmiklós.