Gábor Vona: Hungary must be involved in the debates on the EU's future

“The government’s recruitment poster says: ‘We are the nation of freedom’ and I must agree,” this is how Gábor Vona began his speech on 23rd October, the anniversary of the 1956 revolution. “However, they forgot to add that we don’t only defend ourselves from external enemies but internal despots, too. This is how it was in 1956 and that’s how it is today as well.”  Jobbik’s president said you not only can, you even have to talk about politics on a national holiday. 

“First, you must remember the heroes who risked or sacrificed their lives for Hungary’s liberty. But that’s not enough! After paying tribute to the heroes, you must ask the question if what these people fought and died for was important for us, too.” Mr Vona explained. “What would Gergely Pongrátz say if he saw that Hungarian youth have no choice but to leave their country?” he asked.

Who are Hungary's youth fleeing from? The Soros plan or the Orbán plan?

As Jobbik’s president put it, George Soros’ name symbolized immigration while Viktor Orbán’s was identical with emigration. Outlining Jobbik’s plan to solve these problems, Mr Vona explained it in three steps:

1. Stop migration, keep the Jobbik-initiated border fence, set up an independent border guard service and reject the migrant allocation quota;

2. Replace the government, have the responsible parties answer for their crimes;

3. Raise Hungary.

He emphasized that Hungary must be involved in the debates on the EU’s future and mentioned the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union as a good example. He pointed out that we must make the EU liveable for us, too. He added that “we also need an efficient and fair economic policy, modern, 21st-century healthcare and modern, 21st-century education that builds on the Hungarian traditions”. 

Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahir.hu

Talking about the opposition’s chances to replace the government, he said it should not be a matter for parties and their presidents to try and distribute parliamentary seats, clearly referring to the peculiar struggle for positions within and between left-wing parties. He emphasized that Jobbik was the only party to replace the government as it had the power, the commitment and the operative organizational network to do so.

“We belong together but we don’t have to agree on everything. What we do agree on is the most important thing: that we want to replace this government. In 2018, I will replace Viktor Orbán, Jobbik will replace Fidesz and we will help Hungary rise,” said Mr. Vona. “Those who base their power on fear are afraid and weak. Those who need excessive power, are afraid and weak. Viktor Orbán is afraid and weak. I want a country that belongs to us.” 


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