Fidesz keeps issuing press releases with condolences but fail to say anything when they could make a difference

On Tuesday, Hungarian pro-government MPs were given yet another chance to respond to the risks of 21st-century immigration but they failed to use it. In fact, they had nothing to say: they kept silent. They did so even though their press release the same morning was still talking about the terrorist threat “brought on” by massive immigration.

The Hungarian Parliament’s Committee on Justice had another meeting on Tuesday and Jobbik, as it has become customary recently, once again submitted its Constitutional amendment to ban all forms of mass immigration, which would say NO to Brussels’ migrant allocation mechanism as well as Antal Rogán’s offshore based residency bond programme that carries national security risks.

Jobbik MP Gábor Staudt tried to convince his fellow MPs, explaining that the sales of the residency bonds had already been suspended by the Orbán government, so they do seem unnecessary (unless the government wants to reactivate bond sales), so let the Committee close the whole issue for good, i.e., let it accept Jobbik’s motion which, except for one sentence, is completely identical with Viktor Orbán’s bill, by the way. However, Fidesz MPs failed to utter a single word, so no dialogue or let alone debate was conducted.

All the government MPs did was to prevent the Committee from putting Jobbik’s motion on the agenda (independent MP Zoltán Kész backed the bill, though). Their act is particularly disgraceful as Fidesz issued a press release the same morning on the Manchester tragedy, saying that “the latest attack further reinforces our resolve to protect our borders by all means,” but the party still refuses to close the existing legal loopholes.

As it was reported earlier, Jobbik re-submitted its Constitutional bill to prevent any forms of migrant settlement after the Orbán government was once again forced to kneel in Brussels, and granted the EU’s request to receive 14-18-year-old migrants coming from Western Europe, after a DNA test.

The case was assigned to the Committee on Justice on 3rd May and they have 30 days to debate the motion; by the way, Fidesz had already refused to provide constitutional guarantees for protecting Hungary from migrant allocation once on 8th May.


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